May 21


My GENIUS HOUR idea is to make a stop motion movie. Some of you are wondering what is a stop motion movie well it is alot of pictures strung together and the object is moved slightly making the object appear like it’s moving two very good examples are The nightmare before Christmas, 1933 King Kong ,Wallace and gromit and chicken run. Stop motion is commonly used with claymation. But what i will be using will be stikbots they have little suction cups on the bottoms of there feet and at the ends of their hands so they stay in place better for the photo. that is my genius hour


March 28


HI my name is Jake and I’m here to talk about one thing and one thing only, jet skis. If you are looking for a water craft vehicle I would recommend the jet ski. It is small fast and can fit one to two people depending on the model. Jet skis are meant to be fast very fast. The speed can very  from jet ski to jet ski but most go up to 60 to 65 miles per hour the black edition Sea-Doo says it can go up to 80 miles per hour and that’s fast. You also can use them in salt and fresh water meaning the fun doesn’t have to stop. People have gotten creative with them if you want to watch one in action click here COOL JET SKI. These machines are fast and fun but also dangerous do not under estimate them or end up like these guys JET SKI FAIL. The things people can do with these is amazing. People can turn them into a make shift boat with attachments. People actually race jet skis and do tricks but the trick are done on smaller one person jet skis. The people who do this can enter competitions to see who is the best. JET SKI COMPETITIONS  


December 9


I am going to talk about the swamp they are all over the world there are about 1 billion on the earth we live on full of wild life and some hill billies here and there but the beauty of the swamp is how delicate it is even though some people would think it would be kill or be killed its not everything is dependent on each other even from the small crayfish to the biggest alligator. So be warned when you see a sign next to river that says no swimming alligators you do what the sign says unless you want a missing feet or a missing hand or at the worst die the swamp is not a play ground it is super dangerous. The swamp is a perfect example of beauty of nature and the constant battle ground.


December 9


Food is very good and my personal favorite food is fried chicken it is in many dishes like fried rice and sometimes even waffles as crazy as it sounds some people do eat fried chicken on waffles but when lays a popular potato chip company made for a while. The meat used the most used is thigh,breast,wing,and leg. And if you think they don’t serve it at most buffets you would be surprised it is a common sight and if you go to a KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken so if you are ever in the mood for chicken think of this post.

November 3

Raise your voice

MY hero is Walt Disney a person best known for mickey mouse and the The Lion King and the Fantasia. He was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago Illinois. He started to draw and sell his creations to neighbors for extra cash. In fall of 1918 he tried to enlist into the military but failed because he was 16 years old but he did join the red cross in France and in his ambulance it wasn’t military camouflage but Disney’s own drawings. After a few bankrupts Disney made a good living making movies and shorts like Steam boat willie Disney never did give up even in his dark moments but for his love of making cartoons he made a living and had his happily ever after.

October 6

online vs offline

online I am quite and more to myself but offline I’m very easy going and like to talk with friends and family but it is harder  to know and get to trust people online but offline I’m easy to talk to strangers but hard to trust other wise I am easy to get along with other people and will talk with people and talk to them online so if I know them i will talk to them easier to talk to